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Three Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

One of the essential parts of a modular kitchen is the kitchen chimney. Not only do these chimneys complement your well-built kitchen, but their sophisticated design keeps you away from harmful smoke oil particles, etc. Choosing the best kitchen chimney is quite a tedious task. In this article, we tried to save your time to find a perfect chimney for your dream kitchen. We have selected these three Best kitchen chimneys in India at the following points.

  • Suction capacity.
  • Auto Clean Technology.
  • Filters
  • Design


Best Kitchen Chimney in India – Elica auto clean kitchen chimney


It is the design of the kitchen chimney that will add glory to your modular kitchen. It has a Black matte finish and elegant design. Elica is the perfect choice for enhancing the décor of your kitchen. It also comes with two LED lamps.

Suction capacity

Elica Chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour. If we convert it into to m3/min, then it equals 23.75 m3/min. The Alica chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1425 cubic meters per hour. If we turn it to m3 / min, then it becomes 23.75 m3 / min. Hence a higher volume of smoke will be taken out of your kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen will be smoke-free and provide you with high efficiency. Your kitchen will remain fresh.

Three Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

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 This kitchen chimney comes with motion-sensing technology. You have to wave your hand, which will activate the motion sensor, and it does operations for you. One of the most common issues is cleaning the chimney. This chimney comes with Heat Auto Clean Technology that solves the headache of cleaning your chimney with a push button. Also, it has trendy touch control. This control helps you to access all the functions of Alica Chimney.


This chimney comes with two baffle filters. These filters will help to reduce the unhealthy smoke and greasy residues from your kitchen. This chimney is also designed in such a way that it is fitted with a separate oil collector. This oil collector will collect the oil and other greasy residues hence eliminate the headache of cleaning the chimney.

 What will you get with this chimney?

 Kitchen Chimney comes with an installation kit which includes:

  • Aluminum Duct Pipe (9-10 ft)
  • Cowl Cover (1 Unit)
  • Clamp (2 Units)
  • Aluminum Tape (1 Unit)

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Sabina 60 cm from Hindware-Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Hindware is India’s leading brand in the auto clean chimney. Hindware launched a wide range of chimneys from Island Hoods, Designer Hoods, Decorative Hoods to Auto Clean Hoods, & straight-Line Hoods.

Sabina 60 Designer Chimney is a beautiful Hindware product, and the chimney size is 60cm. The design of this sophisticated chimney will complement to your beautiful kitchen. Chimney comes in two variants, Black and Grey. This chimney comes with energy-saving 2 LED lamps with a large illumination area; hence it makes it easier to view your countertops.

Three Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

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Suction Capacity

Sabina 60 Designer Chimney comes with a powerful suction of 1100 m³/hr. Or 18.33 m³/min. Suction power is good enough and hence keeps your kitchen fresh, hygienic, and clean.


This chimney works silently hence making a suitable environment for cooking. Hindware Sabina 60 comes with a 200(W) powerful motor. In Sabina 60, 200(W) powerful motor also ensures lesser power consumption and lower noise, which is claimed to be 58(DB).

 Also, as for its functions concern, it has a soft push-button control. Smooth push-button control is easy to operate in comparison with gesture control.

Baffle Filters

This chimney comes with a stainless steel baffle filter, which is the essential part of Hindware Sabina 60. Oil and other residues are collected in these baffle filters. These filters require cleaning every six months. Moreover, this product has a 1-year warranty on the product, five years on motor.

If you like a chimney with auto clean technology, then Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney (Elena Black 60, Black) will be the solution. This variant also comes in two sizes 60cms and 90 cms.

Three Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

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Best Kitchen Chimney in India -Faber Auto-Clean

Three Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

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Faber 60 cm is a stylish curved glass wall mounted chimney and is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India

Suction power

Faber 60 comes with a suction power of 1500 m³/hr or 25 m³/mins. The suction capacity of Faber 60 cm is more than the chimneys mentioned above.

Baffle Filters

Like the other two chimneys, this chimney also comes with two baffle filters suitable for all types of Indian kitchens.

Technology used

This chimney comes with a powerful motor with a maximum noise of 58 (DB). Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cleaning oil and residue because it comes with heat auto-clean technology. You will find five years warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the product.

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These chimneys are loaded with lots of modern technologies from Auto clean technology to filter less technology, which keeps you hassle-free from smoke, oil fumes, etc. Suction power plays a vital role in choosing these kitchen chimneys. The following table will help you to determine the best Kitchen chimneys.

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